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  1. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    I still prefer Rani with her atrocious belt, top, boots et al. Didnt recognize Vidya at all. Was wondering who the washed-out looking female is. She looks like she is wearing a tent and does nothing for the dress. Maybe draping the dupatta some other way might help? But yes, a very welcome change from her Filmfare and other outfits.

  2. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Oh, and Vidya does seem to have a penchant for the Anarkali dress, na?

  3. pearl at | | Reply

    Rani is so struggling in that outfit her jeans are so loose to be in those high boots yuk..it is like she is struggling to pull this western outfit. First the jeans are loose, seocondly that ugly belt tryin to match the purse..so tacky..than her shoes are gross, topped with asymetrical top which is used to hide her love handles ;)

    Vidya on the other hand is trying to insist down to earth, good girl image for some reason ? I think she is looking average here….ofcourse she is wanna be Rani..with her hair style, hazel eyes and similar outfits..I have noticed she is usually dress up more or less like rani….

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Short women, wearing big clothes not a good combo, and they both are not super slim either. They look plain, and if they were not brilliant actresses, you would completely ignore them in a crowd.

    1. uumema at | | Reply

      if rani wears short dresses ppl hav problem wid it if she wears big full dresses u ppl still hav problems…hav u lost ur taste for dressing…doesnt short n fat women exists in hollywood dont they wear alll type of dresses…y do u have a problm wid rani’s n vidya’s ordinary face n looks they never claim to be miss world..WHY WHY WHY.

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I saw both on Night Out and Vidya was looking quite nice. Rani’s face was all i could see, and she was looking pretty too. But what;s with the leather overload?

  6. sherry at | | Reply

    rani in layered western outfits…a no-no.
    vidhya needs a good stylist….a yes-yes.

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