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    sameera luks disgusting as ever,it’s a disaster,she can’t act,is a b grade actress and just was plain lucky she was offered this film…and that as the role is minor……huh…….what say ppl?

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    fed up of bips with those long curls and heavy made up eyes – frills, curls, bling somehow makes her look hard and big. Her website has some great photos of her in white – dont see any consistency in her looks – sometimes great – sometimes trashy

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    Katrina works that sari really well…anyone else would have looked ghastly in that color

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    Katrina looks amazing, Bips looks good as well. She dresses for the red carpet. Sameera should stop posing in that cheesy way, wear slightly less shimmering outfit (she is not thin enough to carry of soo much shimmer) and get it longer as well.

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    What is Bipasha wearing anyway? In the premier vidoe she says its American and you wouldnt’ know! Woow….secret labels especially for made for her?

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    hmmm.. weird.. we heard and reported it was wendell

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    sameera’s shoes are horrendous..!!!! katrina looks beautiful as ever….

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