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    Congratulations, ARR! You truly deserved it ! Looks dapper!

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    Congrats Rahman! You always deserved this and hope many more come your way……

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    wut the heck are the women in the back wearing? yellow shirts and?

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    Loved the show and Rrrahman!

    But P&P, please tell me what the female singers are wearing instead of churidars is not becoming a trend! Pls!

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    Agree Kashmira! Wtf capri tights with a kurta top?? I cringed when I saw that. Especially because the kurta top in itself was so pretty.

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    Glad to see Rahman don ethnic wear and he was so calm and collected when he accepted the award! I was more excite dthan him!!
    And did Rahman mess up the first song on stage??Technical error?? There was an awkward silence in between the song….
    AND, I totally hated John Legend’s combo with Jai ho…it just sounded too weird!!

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    loved Rahman and his speeches and his songs..but i agree about the wierd long kurta-capri combo..i remember something similar was in style about 2 summers ago..but this was just plain strange…why couldn’t they have worn churidars or even jeans or something with the kurtas?

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    Man..this was probably the best part of the Oscars for me. I love this man and he deserves every bit of this recognition. I love that he’s stayed so humble throughout his growing fame. I teared up watching him accept his award…I just want to hug and kiss this man for being such a wonderful human being and sharing his talent with us. 75% of the Indian music on my IPOD comes from this man! Man, I am such a proud Indian!

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    AR Rahman’s performance was SUPERB and I’m really proud of the whole Indian performance theme they had (one of the dancers is from my dance school!)

    Freida looked flawless, Dev never goes wrong, and the little kids looked SO CUTE!

    all in all, LOVED LOVED LOVED this year’s ceremony and am SO PROUD of slumdog!

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    who’s the woman in yellow ?

    Where can I find video of his performance ?

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    I think there was some technical error during the first song as AR rahman sounded a bit off key..and John Legend should’ve let Rahman sing the Jai ho by himself..as the duet was quite besura.

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    yes, I have seen those short churidar versions and they look SO bad!!! Maybe you should do a WTHeyy on them to discourage ppl from wearing them! You’re popular enough to influence trends!

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    Loved AR’s ethnic outfit! Very happy he chose to wear ethnic before he took centerstage & at the time he received both his awards. Go Rehman!

    As for the yellow kurti outfit, I actually LOVED it! (Sorry everyone else)…but when I first saw the first singer I couldnt take my eyes off her… I wanted a closer look…and I think it’s so much more wearable for westerners coz of the capri length. And the color combo rocked! Good style statement.. ethnic enough to be distinctly Indian & modern enough to be appreciated by an international audience.
    Lets wait n watch n see how much (& how soon it catches up in mainstream)
    I loved it all (minus the dancers in pink) and the pre-oscar red carpet E! dancers from that mahajan guys team. Cant stand them. LOVED everything else. (Sorry for the long post)

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    who cares what the extra’s look like, an Indian won and thats what counts….Both Rehman and Rasul Pookutty deserve a round of standing ovation

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    yippeeeeeeee!!! i just woke up to learn ARR won (just as i expected) :-P

    P&P – pls put up pics of Resul Pookutty too, if u find any.

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    but…was it just me or was his preformance not up to par….maybe it was the fact that he was singing in the background as well and the two versions didn’t gell that well…
    well, I love John Legend, so I’m not complaing :)
    ohhhh…and Zac Efron!
    I find Rahman very awkward and cute :) but I was happiest for Danny Boyle because he seemed to be the most genuinely happy about winning

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    as far as i remember.. i saw the kurti-capri style on mahima chaudhary in the movie dil hai tumhara.. it was a song i believe.. and i think her capris were a little longer.. but same idea!

    and ive seen girls wear the style at an indian dance competitions locally as well.

    but i am so proud of AR RAHMAN!!!! it was so funny watching zac pronounce his name wrong lol..
    and some of u are right.. he didnt mention his wife but he did mention something about being nervous and happy at his wedding which was so cute!

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    In Pakistan for the past 2 years, the fashion has been Long Kurtas with a little bit looser capris. Google any paki model and thats been the fashion for the past two years.

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    hi P&P,

    pls try & put up pics of the other Indian Oscar winner Resul Pookutty (for best sound mixing/design) if u can – he was wearing a traditional bandhgala too :-)

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    Sudha, I was just going to say the same – Resul please. Loved his OM remark.

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    the actual song jai ho was sung by sukhwinder singh so maybe that is why he was unconf singing it on stage.

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    congrats to Rahman and the rest of the SM team.
    As far as the Kurtis with the spandex looking whatever the heck that was- WTF?! a matching churidaar would have worked much better than that #$@# they wore! Where are all the indian designers when it counts?!

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    check out rahman at oprah performing in a black kurta and jeans…. that man is so humble….
    and (cringe) the yellow kurti with tights, so ghetto…
    and these women were so pretty…they could have done somethiing so innovative and indian inspired….

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