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  1. Isha at | | Reply

    wow .. this is the first time i have seen her.. n shes gorgeous !! :)

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    ME TOO!
    the only thing I DON’T like is the very artificial roll-curl-thing that is her hair

  3. LD at | | Reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE Sabyasachi. Mrs. Rahman is very pretty. I’m still so excited after watching Rahman win!!!!! Amazing moments at the Oscars!

  4. Missy at | | Reply

    She is so beautiful!! and I love the attire (no wonder it’s Sabyasachi’s) I wish he also mentioned her on his winning speech. :) I’m a sucker for all those mushy “award winning” speeches ;)

  5. priya at | | Reply

    DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i lovvvvvve that sabya outfit. it’s amaaaaazing. i am so proud of Rehman but i wish he had thanked his wife in at least one of his acceptance speeches. it was insensitive of him not 2 do that.

  6. K at | | Reply

    Awwww :) *tear* i’m so proud of Rahman! and his speech on stage was so cute.

    now his wife. she’s very, very pretty. and I absolutely LOVE what she’s wearing. Its so simple and such a pretty/stylish representation of our culture. and I also like how she kept the dupatta over her head. it’s just a very down-to-earth and sweet ensemble.

  7. Sudha at | | Reply

    yup… Saira Rahman is even better looking that she’s in dis pic – if you see some other photos of hers. beautiful lady – and m glad she decided to go traditional & all-Indian to the Oscars

  8. anita at | | Reply

    that churidar has been on my shopping list for a few weeks now.. the runway version had a gold/beige hued dupatta with black border and red piping – but all black is equally stunning.. The missus looks most elegant…

  9. k= at | | Reply

    its is pretty but i dont think its oscar material!!! she should have worn a beautiful saree like gauri did. this cotton salwar seems too plain in front of all the armanis in the background!

  10. Annie at | | Reply

    wow! saira is really pretty. I didn’t even know he was married and was surprized when he mentioned during his speech that the only time he’s been nervous before was “on his marriage.” Most people prabably didn’t get it as it was a joke a nobody laughed..but he gave a good speech overall. He should have thanked his wife during the speech..but maybe the wife requested him not to do that so that the camera wouldn’t focus on her. lot of indian women don’t like to be in the limelight.

  11. Jasmine at | | Reply

    Absolutely love the outfit! She looks really pretty and Sabyasachi is such a genius for making indian clothes look indian! I love how he gets inspiration for India for all his designs, so rich and traditional.

  12. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Love the confidence in Rehman’s face in the second pic.

    And they make such a sweet couple!

  13. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    shes so gorgeous! omg, they are so cute together lol..
    didnt think id say that about him.. his speech was amazing.. and his performance was superb..

    and i also liked that he wore the achkan/sherwani outfit later on!

    i wish anil or irfan had worn something indian!

  14. monika at | | Reply

    Lovely !!

  15. Monkey at | | Reply

    She looks wonderful :) and he looks so cute. I am so proud of him…and glad that I did get to watch a live concert of him once when I was 12. Perhaps I will get to catch another one of his concerts some day.

  16. naka at | | Reply

    She looks lovely!! So glad she wore churidar kameez. And I adore Sabyasachi. Only things I would change are ringlet and footwear.

  17. SMM at | | Reply

    I llllove the outfit and she is also so pretty…P & P any idea how much it costs and how much i need to save then?

    And yes I agree, he should have thanked his wife somewhere in the speech. I’d have beaten up mu husband if he won an oscar and didn’t mention me in his thank you speech

  18. sogul at | | Reply

    Love her dress and style! Absolutely lovely

  19. Jaybee at | | Reply

    Love the outfit! I usually dont like Sabyasachi ( Dont shoot me please! )

  20. SS at | | Reply

    That;s a lovely ensemble on Saira Rahman.

  21. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Definetely one of the better Sabyasachi’s I have seen

  22. preeths at | | Reply

    this is one of the best sabyasachis i have ever seen

    why is she holdin her clutch aka freidas style. like she has a splint in her arm

  23. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    now THIS is called dressing up for the night!!! KUDOS mrs. rahman…….you saved the day! I guess instead of talking about freida’s gown, we should make saira and lovleen the HIGHlights of the oscars!!!

  24. Marya at | | Reply

    Awww this is sooo cute…his wife always has her head covered,i like that she looks so down to earth and modest..

  25. Vishakha at | | Reply

    What a delightful couple! both look fabulous :)

  26. akaa at | | Reply

    Wow .. this is gorgeous .. the dress is adorable , no wonder its a sabyasachi .. Mrs. rehman looks beautiful.. completely ethnic ; the hair and shoes could have been netter though.. someone plz tell Aishwarya rai this is how a red carpet should be done… the INDIAN way !!

  27. Rufus at | | Reply

    Dear K…outfit is not simple and is very elegant. The workmanship and colors cannot be compared to Armani. We need to learn to appreciate Indian things vs foreign brands.

  28. Monkey at | | Reply

    @Rufus, K: there’s nothing wrong with a cotton salwar. From what we know of AR Rahman, he is a down to earth, simple person. Naturally, his wife would dress in simple cotton salwars, etc.

  29. xoxo at | | Reply

    she loook so beautifull!!

  30. dn at | | Reply

    Beautiful… love the Sabya creation. So elegant, and traditional with the veil. They make a nice couple.

    I hope you can post Lovleen’s pic too. She looked so beautiful!!

  31. kismet at | | Reply

    I’ve seen her before at another indian award cerermony last year, can’t remember which?? but she is beautiful!
    Saw them on tv last night, nice outfit.
    I think the head covered look is soo sweet! and makes her look even more beautiful.

    Congrat RAHMAN!!!

  32. the mad momma at | | Reply

    beautiful… she has such a serene way…

  33. nisha at | | Reply

    Even though she is quite lovely, Sabyasachi is becoming a bit overdone. Everyone wears him!

  34. herdisnot at | | Reply

    How well coordinated they look! The lady does Sabyasachi proud. I love her uncomplicated look, the accessories, the whole appearance. Stands out as an identity in a sea of humanity.

  35. rhea at | | Reply

    She is indeed ethereal! I have seen her pictures before – she is so dignified and real.

    Now on another note – how do I buy sabyasachi sarees in the US – any ideas? Any online stores that carry them?

  36. stuti at | | Reply

    SO pretty. the suit, and the lady. though she is prettier in real life.
    AND Mr. Rahman is just so adorable!

  37. lilia at | | Reply

    oh my god im gushing!

  38. ~M! at | | Reply

    lov lov lov.. want the outfit .. its on my list ….

    i think rahman embodies so much of indian-ness – exceptional talent yet such blazing humility, grace and he hasnt had one dumb outfit/appearance.. he is soooooo confident and classy yet so humble.. and so comfortable in his own skin.. i have become a DIE hard fan of him as a person.. i cudnt find anything wrong with his appearances, performances at all the awards this year.. in fact it is something that people like anil kapoor shud learn for and not be in ur face with their silly excitement..

  39. malini at | | Reply

    rehman’s wife is goregous.. and i loved rehman’s speech.. so down to earth…
    on the other notes.. i hated anil’s wanna be accent on red carpet.. but he was much better at morning show interviews this morning

  40. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    i got excited when i saw the trademark sabyasachi pattern in one of the pics..but couldnt see who was wearing it… now that i know..I LOVE! who would have thought he would win two oscars? amazing! rahman makes me so proud of being an indian..whereas anil kapoor and his attention seeking ways.. embarassing!!!..hes the streotypical indian uncle u want to run away from. and it was hilarious how he hung out in the background so he would be in the shot when ryan was interviewing dev & freida on the red carpet.

  41. Anu* at | | Reply

    I’ve seen better pics of Saira Bano. She is very elegant in person. She does look VERY good here, no doubt, and the outfit is gorgeous but her expression looks very shy or nervous …almost uncomfortable to me. Maybe the excitement was a bit much for her demure style.

  42. Anu* at | | Reply

    Loved Rahman’s speeches. Loved the marriage comment, and the love/hate comment and the optimism/hope comments. I just think that the sentences should have been framed better (a la obama style) to deliver a power punch. His punchlines seemed to loose it… and people didnt quite get them due to the delivery.
    BUT much better than his golden globe speech.

  43. kahlu at | | Reply

    Her outfit is lovely but could have done with a nicer pair of shoes. A pair of plain punjabi jootis would have been fabulous.

  44. suchi at | | Reply

    wow she looks awesome!

  45. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Seriously, his humility nearly kills me. The man is a genius , but is so humble, so down to earth that his face almost has a grace to it….very calm and almost saint like. His wife has the same grace and is so beautiful ! I love the dress and I almost cried when I heard his speech …

  46. Karishma at | | Reply

    I kept my mouth shut for so long since I couldn’t decide if I liked the gown on Frieda or not but after seeing all the hollywood A-listers I have to say Frieda did not look anything special, whereas Mrs. Rahman and Loveleen Tondon did stand out. The colors are just so rich and gorgeous, nothing is overwhelmingly blingy or golden, jut very ethnic and very beautiful.

  47. fopa at | | Reply

    this women shows hows simplicity is sooo buetiful!

  48. k= at | | Reply

    @ rufus: ahemmmmm where did u get ‘armani’ from???


  49. anita at | | Reply

    that is NOT a cotton kurta – its silk..

  50. aa at | | Reply

    His wife is very pretty but she is not simple. Her hair is dyed and styled, she was made up a professional make-up artist, and she is wearing a designer outfit. Because of her relegion, she is being modest in dress. I believe she always covers her head in public.

  51. Shweta at | | Reply

    This is what catches the attention and makes someone stand out…from the sea of oscar uniforms.

  52. lilacfunk at | | Reply

    She looks lovely! First time I’ve seen her. They kinda look alike no? I love sabyasachi! so refreshing to see something glamourous and indian on the red carpet. Yes, I’m talking about you, Freida. Loveleen looks fab too. Last time I saw a sari on the carpet was on Helen.

  53. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Both of them look so nice. I love that Saira is fashionable yet has stuck to what she feels comfortable in. The dress is beautiful!

  54. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    how did she get the chunni to stay up on her head so perfectly like that? she looks pretty. they both seem awkward and uncomfortable by all this attention. it’s endearing :)

  55. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    a special request to payal and priyanka:

    please help us figure out how to get a hold of sabyasachi outfits here in the states!

  56. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply


    The day we find out where ethnic Sabyasachi creations are available in the US, you all will find out. In the US, you can only find his casual collections shown in New York Fashion Week at select stores listed on his site.

  57. Kiran Manral at | | Reply

    And this is how a simple Sabyasachi stood out in a crowd of gowns….

  58. Tina at | | Reply

    I don’t think it was insensitive of him not to thank his wife during the speech. He was merely thanking people/God who made him what he is today. It seems his mother had to struggle to bring him up after his dad’s death. He is also very religious so obviously he would thank God. Not thanking is better than thanking just for the sake of it…

  59. purvi at | | Reply

    can i know sabya stores in mumbai?

  60. sara at | | Reply

    she looks stunning but I am not too crazy about the shoes. me thinks she isn’t too confident walking in heels.

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