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  1. zee at | | Reply

    oh please, leave these old-time actresses be. I am glad that they put their money elsewhere rather than hollywood-aping brand-worshiping.

    Here she might not look her best, but she used to inspire little school girls to have more of a personality than fake eyelashes and makeup.

  2. simo at | | Reply

    guys – when was kajol ever known for her dress sense!! leave her be!this is the same actor who was wearing glasses and a casual salwaar kameez at a filmfare awards ceremony years back! and mind you she went up on stage to get the award that year! i think it was for k3g!

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    i really wish people would stop giving celebs a “break”! Love this blog.

  4. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I love Kajol but she really needs a GOOD stylist. c’mon these actresses make so much money and they CAN’T afford a stylist?? or they just don’t WANT to. such boring outfits really make her look blah!!

    She may not have a perfect svelte body but so what! she should think outside the box and take risks.

  5. behappy at | | Reply

    honestly, knowing how she is…she really doesnt care!! oh she can definitely afford a stylist! but i u have followed herr since she came into the industry till now …she simply doesnt care!
    and yeah about giving celebs a break! trust me …its not easy to be one!

  6. Anonymous at | | Reply

    it’s kajol, she doesn’t get caught up in such superficialities…
    that is what most girls love about her, she’s so bloody confident!

    she’s just awesome.

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