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  1. KreativeMix at | | Reply

    pretty cute!!!! i love it

  2. gul at | | Reply

    wat ur callin a flowy kameez has a proper term called angarkha (tisca chopra n sonam are wearning that), it wraps around and gets tied onto the side…but the original angarkha runs past the knees..these are the shortened version..and look absolutely stunning

  3. Payal at | | Reply

    thanks for the info…had heard about angrakha..didn’t know this was it..

  4. gul at | | Reply

    no prob payal…im glad i was of sum help to u

  5. bridget at | | Reply

    pease, does anyone know who the designer of is sonam’s angrakha? i absolutely love it and can’t find the answer anyhwere!

  6. Harsharan Singh Chawla at | | Reply

    Tisca ma’am this traditional sort of dress is looking really good on u..your smile just doubles your beauty
    And the white Pajama looks really good as wl
    All in all its looking good
    And u r looking best out of the 3:)<3

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