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  1. - A at |

    Just an eyesore.

  2. sarah at |

    The booban kapoor is back ,forced sexy doesn’t work .It just looks desperate .She should learn a thing or two from Ms Dhupia .

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    2. Sup at |

      Surprised such tacky name-calling comments get approved.
      PnP are truly about Freedom of Speech!

  3. slc at |

    I like the dress. She wears it well. Predicting a bunch of negative comments on her cleavage and the pose doesn’t help either. My problem is her make-up, the foundation is waaay off.

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  4. katy at |

    Two words: can-can dancer!

  5. Saira at |

    Bad makeup
    Bad gown
    Unnecessary boob show

  6. charan at |

    Makeup is just wrong. Dress is also just meh.

  7. Mads at |

    Hideous makeup as always! She looks like she is ready to break into tango any minute…!!

  8. Leila at |

    Terrible dress, horrible make-up! But then again, it’s just Sonam being Sonam

  9. Stiletto at |

    Not liking one bit!! Too sizes too small, resulting in twins getting the air sucked out of them. Also not helping is the white washed makeup. I don’t get what you see here that’s working for her.

    1. Desimom at |

      First thing that comes to mind is Ouchhh !!!!
      That dress must be so uncomfortable in the chest area !! Imagine 3-4 hours in that dress….
      I don’t mind the cleavage/boobs but looking at this I just feel sorry for her !!

  10. Amu at |

    Is this a joke…. Celebrity fashion these days has become like the emperor’s clothes…. they wear any monstrosity in terms of fashion and we are supposed to like it?

  11. Harini at |

    Ok…I stopped right at the beginning of the post and didn’t bother seeing the pictures because I know what’s in store. Problem with Sonam is not that she gets dramatic and we have to critique her appearance. The problem is that she gets dramatic EVERYDAY! Where is the novelty? I don’t wait to see what she wears, I don’t get excited! Because I know she is always going to look like is! She is like a mannequin in a store. I don’t think any fashionista in the whole wide world dresses up every single time she steps out! We’ve seen the best women in the fashion world bring out their personal style when they step out.

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      Well said!!!

    3. Sylviana at |

      SO SO true!! Take the case of PRDP movie, if any other actress/model were to be a part of the movie even senior actresses like Kareena/Priyanka who have been in the industry for so long and have been sporting soo many looks all these years , we would’ve waited for how they look when they are playing the part of a princess!! But since its Sonam and since she has done all the avatars known to mankind on the red carpet and during her appearances, I felt ‘Huh!! What is different in this!..Even last week she was this dressed when she went for this event”. She seriously needs to stop being overdressed for all of the events she goes to!

    4. Sup at |

      You said it exactly right!
      Anyone usually wants to dress down as much as possible, and restrict dressing up to events and such. With her it won’t be surprising to find her at a niece’s birthday party in this dress :)
      Pity, coz she has such an interesting face and body.
      We could have been really excited about her fashion choices if she showed some logic in there!

  12. fromchi-town at |

    The color and the dress are an eyesore. The make-up is bad and the shoes don’t look good with that dress at all. This is a head to toe bad look.

  13. Meg at |

    To me this is one of Sonam’s worst looks. Nothing is working for me…the dress is terribly made (and no I have no issue with cleavage), the poofiness feels more 90s “frock” and less dramatic and couture. Makeup is totally off (not just the foundation but the eye makeup feels like a doll – not in a good way)
    About the only good thing is Sonam’s confidence and how she carries it
    But even that can’t pull it off. Not by a MILE

  14. Amjustsayjng at |

    Sonam haters will forever hate! She looks gorgeous!

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    Oh the poor thing. First, she gets forced into a gown two sizes too small, and then she gets pushed face-down into a sack of flour. I ask you, what is this world coming to??

    1. Liaa at |

      Lol . Perfect

    2. Avani at |

      HAHAHA! I wanted to type the same thing. Almost. The poor corset. :P

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      U r hilarious! Ha :)

  17. Puneeta at |

    I feel bad for Sonam. She is a victim of her own marketing. Everytime she goes out, she has to update the “outrageousness” in order to placate her audience. That is why I feel she looks better at personal occasions, like at Masaba’s wedding, where she is just being her.

    Comes from having a one-dimensional appeal and one singular audience who want only one thing from you.

    As for this appearance, the first thing I thought of was “Plastic Garden Flamingos”.

    PS: I don’t care if she shows her boobs, god the prude aunties on this site are really bringing the quality down. Go back to the real world aunties where you can chastise your neighbourhood kids and your nieces.

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      1. sarah at |

        @puneeta. Yea i will love to be called aunty if I criticize the desperate attempts of appearing sexy and if someone tries to create an illusion of sex appeal that just doesn’t exist . Neha Dhupia and Sophie choudry also do sexy but they do with taste.
        And seriously what does aunty even mean? I think you must have been traumatized by your aunt.

        1. Sanju at |

          LOL… I literally laughed out loud at your last line. I know what is this calling ‘Aunty’ to other people? Can’t people be polite to other commenters? You just expressed your opinion sarah. That doesn’t mean she can call you ‘aunty’.

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    2. Bo at |

      If there is something that is bringing the quality down, it’s the word ‘aunty’. What does that even mean? Some one older? Some one who is not into, in your face push up bras?

      1. Rex at |

        +1000 Seriously, the word ‘Aunty’ is bringing the quality down. These ‘aunty’ comments are surely senseless comments.

    3. Saira at |

      The problem is not the boob show.The problem is Unnecessary Boob show wearing 2 size too small clothes.

      1. Puneeta at |

        God, I cannot believe I am being put in a position of defending Sonam, but then I just called her a Plastic Flamingo, so I guess I can go for it ;) First, some fun though :P (I am an editor, I literally cannot read your comments without mentally correcting them!)

        @sarah – you mean you “would love to be called aunty…”

        @Bo you mean “…who is not into in-your-face pushup bras?”

        @Rex you mean “These ‘aunty’ comments are surely senseless.”

        @saira the capitalization of “unnecessary” and “boob” was absolutely well, unnecessary and also wrong :P

        My point here is that the overall aesthetic can be criticized without going gung-ho on the fact that she is inflating her chest to breaking point with this dress. But when all that the comment says is “OMG, can she stop the Unnecessary Boob show” one starts to think what then is “Necessary Boob” show.

        I see similar comments on fully bloused women when they wear a thinner pallu, and people say “One boob show”, her boob is literally not showing! And I couldn’t take it anymore! Breaking point was reached!! :D :P

        PS: C’mon, we all know what auntie means, don’t we?

        1. Katy at |

          I am so sorry Puneeta, I am not an editor, but a professor at an Ivy League University and normally get through less than perfectly written English on this site, because I understand that people come here for fun, and not because they are turning in a term paper! In your original post, describing Masaba’s wedding as a “personal occasion” was, I think you will agree, a poor use of the word personal; did you mean personal in reference to Masaba or Sonam? Did you also mean to suggest that she (Sonam) was being herself, not “her” at the afore mentioned “personal occasion”? In your second post, you forgot the question mark at the end of “…what then is necessary boob show.” I could go on, but I am sure you get the point.

          I have many problems with your post (notice I am criticizing your post, not you). Why is it OK for you to call Soman a fake flamingo but not for someone else to point out that her fashion choices are ill-fitting both for her body and the occasion? The so-called aunties are simply expressing their opinions, which they are invited to do on a blog such as this. If they didn’t P&P would cease to exist. If you don’t like their “prudish” sensibilities you can choose to refute them or to ignore them, but chastising and name calling is not the best option. Sonam, by virtue of her profession, and the fact that she is a public person, invites comment on her clothing choices on this blog. The rest of us, being “private” (personal?) individuals who come here to get away from daily life, don’t invite comment on anything, including our choice of language. I say let’s do away with all kinds of policing, especially the self righteous kind! Oops forgot to mention, I am an “auntie;” the kind that wears glasses and tweed skirts; you know, the prudish kind that prefers to use her mind, not her breasts to attract attention?

          1. Anya at |

            Best. Post. Award.

          2. Sanju at |

            Well said Katy!! Good reply. Prudish comments are their personal opinions and taste. They are simply expressing their opinions, they are not imposing any ‘sharia law’ here.
            Sonam herself proclaimed as a fashionista and compared herself to the legendary ‘Audrey Hepburn’. So obviously she garners more criticism from people on her fashion choices. LOL @ last line Katy.

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          4. Puneeta at |

            Dear Professor,

            I could bring out the Wren and Martin to prove that none of your comments hold water, but I couldn’t care less because of your final comment:

            “…that prefers to use her mind, not her breasts to attract attention?”

            Have a good day!

          5. Jen at |

            What an awesome message Katy!!! We need brainy ‘Professors’ like you on this blog for self appointed preachers like Mel and GE. ;)

          6. Paroma at |

            Go Katy!!

          7. Mio at |

            Katy, agree with others. Best response ever. I now want to turn up here to read your comments as much as seeing the original post!

          8. sarah at |

            Oops , this got interesting .

            Somehow Puneeta’s comments reminds me of Sonam Kapoor’s interview with Koffee with Karan .

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          10. Katy at |


            I am glad you brought up Wren and Martin, which incidentally, was written in 1935 (I believe Rao published an update later), I think this in part, explains the differences we have in our approaches to the English language. Language aside, I would really be interested in understanding why my admission that I happen to be a near-sighted prude (read “aunty”) irritates you. Unless I am completely unable to read my own words, my comment was not directed at you or Sonam. Am I correct in understanding that you don’t care to engage me because I don’t like to flaunt my breasts, thereby playing into the usual stereotypes around the female body and sexuality? Or is it that you think I am too old to be engaged because I happen to be an “aunty”? For the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with breasts; they can be extremely sensual when displayed in a manner that enhances the female form. The correct way to do this, of course, is debatable and subjective — which brings me back to my original point — let’s not personally attack other writers on this blog simply because their sense of aesthetics is different from ours (this entire debate however, would make for a fascinating anthropological/sociologic study).

          11. Sapphire at |

            Nice to meet you Professor. Agree with others here, awesome response ever. Look forward to see your comments Ms. Katy. :)

          12. Melange at |

            Wow things seem to have gotten a little out of hand here. Lighten up ladies, there’s no need to get personal!
            I just think that some people (including me) are sensitive to any moral policing especially given the low social status of women in India. And if you are Indian or have lived in India, you know that even “tweed skirts” are considered immoral and inappropriate in many places.
            Also, the word “aunty” as has been used in this context has a cultural basis in the fact that women in the family and society are often known to chastise other women for real or perceived transgressions against “morality”. It is mainstream pop-culture too – refer “Anu Aunty”. It doesn’t mean that every “aunt” is evil. That being said however, you are right Katy, it is time to stop using the term as generalising is not a good thing. I do have a really cool aunt, a true blue hippie from the Woodstock generation who is absolutely crazy and I have often had to reign her in!
            What I’m trying to say through my inarticulate comment is: let’s break it up here! We have to stay together as an HHC community ;) :D

          13. Sup at |

            Katy- If you are trying to attract attention through your mind, that’s better then?
            Had to ask this as I’d think trying to attract attention is one thing; you can’t take a high moral ground saying your method is better than another, without questioning the morality of doing something like that at all :P

            “What then is necessary boob show ” wasn’t a question, pls read in context. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one :P

          14. Katy at |

            Sup, I wasn’t trying to take the moral high ground at all. Just trying to point out how ridiculous it is to equate ability to write English with whatever the antithesis of “Aunty” is. While I don’t care one way or another what another woman does with her body, I do feel offended when my colleagues speak to my chest rather than me, and would much rather I was appreciated for my work and not my anatomy (yes, men talking to chests rather than women still occurs in 2015, even when wearing a turtleneck). On the other hand, I want my husband to appreciate both my mind and my body. Personally, I think Sonam looks like a can-can dancer. It’s not judgemental, just factual, much like plastic flamingo. If you read my post carefully, you will see that it is simply a response to what I perceive to be a rather classist attitude that paints all women who did not appreciate the in your face cleavage, as uneducated trolls.
            PS: I still think a question mark is needed, although I can see how it could pass as a statement rather than a question.

          15. Katy at |

            Thank you for putting things in context. While I understand that the comments about breasts may serve to perpetuate sexist notions, I don’t think name calling or pointing out inadequacies are the best ways to change social “norms.” All it does is serve to alienate those whose opinions we seek to change. Two wrongs do not make a right. I am glad you have a free-spirited aunt, which obviously means that she does not fit the tag, “auntyji,” a term that smacks ageism, and as you have pointed out, generalizations serve no purpose. What irked me the most, was not the sexism or ageism inherent in these comments but the notion that all “aunties” are poorly educated and English-challenged. You don’t need to speak English to be educated, opinionated or liberated, and the notion that anybody who doesn’t quite have the same ideas is somehow a lesser being is classist, which to me is super dangerous because it suggests that those of a certain class are always right. Of course this isn’t possible – the perfect universe does not exist. Liberation isn’t about flaunting our bodies or berating those who don’t (which often happens when a certain unnamed actress chooses to wear only saris, most often with long sleeves), but being allowed to wear what we like and say what we like without fear of reprisal. I think you said it right, aunties and anti-aunties unite – after all we are fighting for the same thing – the right to wear and say what we want!

          16. Puneeta at |

            I agree with Melange’s post. I was way too incensed by the “Booban Kapoor” comments to put it as kindly as she did. (BTW I don’t think you were incoherent at all).

            Katy: I had decided not to reply to your body-shaming comment because it would be yet another hate-fest ;) I do want to negate your wrong reading of my comment- because I think it is very important. I want to say to you that I did *NOT* ever mean to say “that all “aunties” are poorly educated and English-challenged.” Never in a zillion years would I say/mean something so classist/elitist/casteist considering the Indian state officially classifies me as a “tribal” and Dr. BR. Ambedkar is my god and I grew up so dirt poor that you couldn’t find me anywhere close to the poverty line. With that established, here goes:

            What I meant was, if the people criticizing Sonam could make English mistakes, she could make missteps in fashion without being bodyshamed. Go on, call her a can-can dancer, that is a nice fun jibe (granted its not as fun as my Pink Garden Flamingo(TM) ) but its fun. But “Booban Kapoor” and “Unnecessary Boob Show”(here-forth referred to as UBS) are disgusting and not fun and also have no merit. Especially because I have seen UBS said so many times over and over again for so many actresses on this page for over the 5 years I have been reading it. Its disgusting and insulting. The only time UBS becomes NBS(Necessary Boob Show) is when a mother is breastfeeding her infant. The rest of it is forever and always Unnecessary. But you know what- something being Unnecessary itself is not a good/valid criticism- there needs to be more to it. (BTW “you know what” doesn’t need a question mark, it does stand on its own :P )

            And at the time I was writing my OP I was upto here (draws line at neck) with this bullshit about necessary and unnecessary boob show. I won’t apologize for my harshness, but now you know it had nothing to do with ageism and/or snobbishness over the English language.

            BTW I have a super-cool old mom (a legit auntie) who loves this site and who I hope is not reading this right now because she will be all over me for riling up a professor YET AGAIN. #10YearsOutOfCollegeAndIAmStillTheWorstStudent

            PS: To someone who compared Sonam to me. She Wishes (In her dreams) ;)

            PPS: #VidyaBalanRocksAndAnyoneWhoDisagreesIsAFashionVictim (See Katy, we have something in common, I love her too)

          17. Sup at |

            Katy, totally understand.
            And you actually sort of addressed your own problem.
            “would much rather I was appreciated for my work and not my anatomy (yes, men talking to chests rather than women still occurs in 2015, even when wearing a turtleneck) ”
            If people are going to stare at you even in a turtleneck, it hardly matters what you wear, am I right? Why not just wear whatever you want instead of tweed skirts / blazers (if you’re in fact doing it only to be taken seriously)?
            And next time your colleague is looking anywhere other than your eyes, just snap his attention back to you and watch his face turn red, just saying :P

            I agree we all have completely different ideas of what’s acceptable and not when it comes to skin show. This is exactly why I feel it shouldn’t be a topic for debate at all.
            Most people (not including you in this) commenting on boob-show, etc., seem to just be looking for a chance to stoop into name-calling, crude and hate comments, trying so hard to bring down some celebrity, who couldn’t care less actually.
            “Best to ignore something that brings out the worst in you.” — my own! **applause** :P

        2. Saira at |

          @Puneeta You must be quite a hoot. *rolls eyes*

  18. BlueBells at |

    Why Oh Why do I find it similar to this:

    Maybe the pose??? Her torso looks really unflattering!

    1. BlueBells at |

      I also get a very carpet like feeling from the flare of the dress.

  19. Swati at |

    That gown is horrendous. Did she deliberately pick out a gown that is 2 sizes too small. She looks ready to burst out of it.

    Initially when sonam came, i used to be excited about her looks ….. but now it seems to me that she is on a personal mission to wear the most ridiculous designs and call them “high fashion”

    Imagine if someone else was wearing it – there would be no fashionista tag but a calls of being wth, tacky, desperate, wannabe etc

  20. Shobha at |

    I don’t like the drape (or fall) of the skirt. The dress is too costumey.

  21. Lalitha at |

    I think the dress would have been ok-ish in blush/nude basically a soft colour which would have given it sartorial splendor. The red is an eyesore and it’s too small on the bust.

  22. Olay at |

    Some people calling ‘Aunty’ to others is really putting me off on this site. Calling celebs and other commenters ‘Aunty’ is stupidity.

    1. Stiletto at |

      +1. Take note Puneeta.

    2. sarah at |


      1. Puneeta at |

        Quoting Melange here:

        “If it isn’t [to your taste], you can say it is too vulgar for your sensibility but calling it “boob-show”, “booban kapoor” etc. is plain hater-ville talk. Seriously, have you never seen any cleavage in public at all? Why does a little visible skin bring out the worst in people? We don’t need the moral police on HHC, we have them everywhere else in life! ”

        I would add that I purposely called these people auntie, so they know how it feels to be on the other end of the stick.

    3. Puneeta at |

      Quoting Melange here:

      “If it isn’t [to your taste], you can say it is too vulgar for your sensibility but calling it “boob-show”, “booban kapoor” etc. is plain hater-ville talk. Seriously, have you never seen any cleavage in public at all? Why does a little visible skin bring out the worst in people? We don’t need the moral police on HHC, we have them everywhere else in life! ”

      I would add that I purposely called these people auntie, so they know how it feels to be on the other end of the stick.

    4. Puneeta at |

      So people can call Sonam Booban Kapoor, constantly criticize people not for their clothes or their looks but for “Unnecessary Boob show” and that doesn’t bring the quality of the site down, but me calling them prude aunties does? LOL.

      1. Ri at |

        You don’t get it, do you. The problem is not in you calling out the boob commenters. But you equating the word ‘aunty’ to something bad. When the local neighborhood kids call me aunty. What am i supposed to take it as,is it cos i am older or cos i din like sonam kapoor’s cleavage.

      2. Sp at |

        Women……Let’s stop and think for a moment. This is particularly about the use of the word aunty as an insult. Do men have an equivalent word for ‘Aunty’. Umm at least I couldn’t think of one. Why do we judge and hate and trash and cut down each other with such alarming ease. I associate aunties with warm, motherly women in my life. So sad this word has acquired such a derisive meaning.

  23. Neharika at |

    I am just amazed at the amount of hate sonam gets. Yet, her posts get the maximum comments. It is like people are just out there to criticize her. On all other websites people have loved this look. I dont like Sonam and find her irritating but there is no denying that the outfit is a show stopper. By a long stretch the only outfit during the whole event that makes a statement. Agreed, the makeup near the eyes is not perfect but I love the hair. Also, whats the problem with the boob show. She doesn’t look vulgar. I think she makes it look classy. Despite the bad makeup she pulls this outfit so effortlessly. I may hate Sonam for her over the top statements but there is no denying she has a pretty darn good sense of fashion.

  24. Melange at |

    I don’t like the dress one bit and think that this look is a fail but I must say that the comments are very distasteful. Isn’t it interesting that the more prudish the opinion, the more in bad taste the comment is?
    There is nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage if it is tastefully done. If it isn’t, you can say it is too vulgar for your sensibility but calling it “boob-show”, “booban kapoor” etc. is plain hater-ville talk. Seriously, have you never seen any cleavage in public at all? Why does a little visible skin bring out the worst in people? We don’t need the moral police on HHC, we have them everywhere else in life!

    1. Grainger at |


    2. Ri at |

      +1 for condemning sensibly,respectfully.

    3. Sup at |


  25. Kanu at |

    Oh my god.!! She really hate herself. Why would someone do this to themselves.
    Her pose is awkward , make up terribly bad..!! And to the event everyone was dressed appropriately she is so weirdly not in any good way so over dressed. This is a whteyy for me.
    So so bad- I don’t have words to describe it.
    I feel bad for her and sorry too.

  26. megz at |

    What a dream gown!
    Makeup is a downer for sure!

  27. donkey at |

    She is quite the peacock at times.

    1. Venus at |

      Exactly! All the time actually…LOL

  28. akaa at |

    This might just be one of her worst looks ever!
    Make-up is as always bad .. Her make-up has always been chalky and ashy but past few months it has gotten really worse!

  29. Saira at |

    The contoured cleavage is so in your face.
    Is she trying to be Kardashian of BW.Overly done makeup and over the top clothes.

  30. Sup at |

    Somewhere any nod to the fashion is getting lost in all the hate comments.
    She actually looks okay, its just nothing new or unexpected from her.

    I’ve never understood dresses with full skirts, ending above the ankles. Gives a very short / stubby look to anyone.

  31. Roni at |

    How do we fairly critique a ” walking talking billboard”?
    Sonam Kapoor represents the labels she wears and not herself. I really don’t know what is her personal style for starters coz for what I have observed over the years, she is and remains a hession.

  32. Sarah at |

    There are more comments here than on most other star sightings. She obviously gets the eyeballs! Nothing wrong with the boob sightings – Sonam is not someone who exudes a lot of sex appeal, so her boob show is actually fairly innocuous I think.
    Don’t like the see through corset look, bit otherwise this is a dramatic dress and she looks nice enough- I do think she looks better when she’s having a good time on a less social occasion – like the black belted embroidered anamika Khanna sari look at masaba’s wedding.

  33. Z M at |

    neck down……..eeeeeekkkkss!

  34. Violet at |

    Not a fan of the gown. The colour is loud and jarring. Her boobs are begging for mercy. The ill-fitted gown in the bust area is squishing the life out of them. Looks visually very unappealing. I feel like I’m typing this for the millionth time- her make-up is again so white-washed and patchy (especially under the eyes). I honestly don’t think Sonam deserves the “fashionista” tag that people so frivolously attach her to (one that she proudly goes around proclaiming as well, wouldn’t blame her). She’s OTT and event-incongruous almost every time. I credit her with bringing an awareness of myriad different, beautiful labels and designers (indian and international). But that’s it..she just wears labels…there doesn’t seem to be thought, semblance, creative flair or an effortless craft behind it.

    1. Sapphire at |


  35. Sarah at |

    Finally quite a lot of passive aggression in the comments section- but why? Look, whether you are an Editor or Ivy League professor or Chelsea midfielder, being a Grammar Nazi is ok! One doesn’t have to pull rank to justify love through fancy title or work place for elegant ( and correct) usage of semantics!! I can be a bad Aunty with impeccable English, or nice Aunty with atrocious spelling. Auto correct is the great social leveller my friends. Remember that ;-)

    1. charan at |

      LOL! My thoughts exactly, Sarah.
      My auntiness is mediocre. So it my English and fashion sense ;)

    2. Katy at |

      That’s exactly the point – this forum is not the place to police each other’s fashion or language choices, but to discuss Bollywood stars’ fashion choices and to have a chuckle in the middle of what are for many, very difficult times. Being called names that are clearly derisive or told to stop being the moral police for simply expressing an opinion is actually a little more than passive aggression. I do agree, it isn’t appropriate to pull rank on this blog, especially because I probably have the advantage of age, but sometimes self righteousness has to be met equally. I have no doubt that most of the women on this blog are highly educated, accomplished and well dressed women, and none of us deserves to be spoken down to for either our fashion choices or our ability to write in English, regardless of profession.

      1. sarah at |

        clapping .. no truer words could have been spoken .I am sure these are difficult times for many .I come here for a bit of relaxation , away from my reality . Being called aunty is not really the idea of relaxing time . The celebrities are appreciated when they look good and critiqued when they don’t .They are public figures and if the audience don’t exist then they will be nothing .They knowingly put themselves in such a position .I mean its their job .Why do other commentators get emotional ?

        I know my english sucks at times but I am not answering my exam questions. No one needs to grade me or become a grammar nazi.

        1. Sup at |

          **In case you are the sarah who posted the “Booban Kapoor” comment above**
          Let me say right off, I’m very content and not going through anything stressful at the moment, touch wood!
          And this is not me getting emotional in any way, but I still think that it was a – for lack of a better word- cheap shot to take. And I’m sure such tacky derisive comments are not what anyone willingly signs up for, or is okay with, celebrity or not.

          Critique is something that can be done with a little class, or failing that, maintaining basic dignity of another person. You lose any respect when you resort to tacky name-calling, and come across as your average Joe hater.

          Everything else, I’m with you. If you can’t stand the exposing of someone else’s cleavage, I may not understand the problem, but I certainly have nothing to say on it.

          But this, I did think needed to be mentioned.

      2. Mats at |

        “but sometimes self righteousness has to be met equally” Epic comment! I wish I could remember this everyday :)

  36. Neharika at |

    At this point, no one cares how Sonam looks. All have moved way past it. It is absolute fun reading all the comments. Point is, hate Sonam or like Sonam, you just cant ignore her.

    1. Hansini at |

      Yea, I think we should all meet up for a drink and agree to diss Sonam Kapoor at all times!

      1. Neharika at |

        I would love that! That’s such a neat idea. P&P any plans for starting fashion meet ups?

      2. Sarah at |

        Cannot agree more, this is a fantastic ice breaker ..:-) let’s invite Sonam too- whatever her fashion and Koffee w Karan fails, she does have a sense of humour. Lighten up guys X

  37. Saira at |

    My issue in all of this is why P&P haven’t criticized Sonam’s makeup or the gown.Any other actress they would have been crucified.
    The gown is clearly ill fitting especially around the bust area plus the corset is tacky. The makeup is geisha’ish.
    Halloween came pretty late in Sonam’s household.

    In this particular event no one dressed good.

    1. Avani at |

      LOL!. If you say all this, P&P will start listing out in how many posts they have criticized Sonam’s look. And then there will be 2-3 ( who have been waiting to pounce on you and they couldn’t in other posts) supporting and trying to call you an hater. :P Sonam’s issue has always been the ashy makeup more than what she wears.

      1. Saira at |

        I have seen the outburst in the last post where one member had to leave this blog due to P&P hypocricy.
        Any who it is their blog.

        1. Sarah at |

          But to be fair, I think it’s fab that P&P always print all of our diverse opinions- however contrary it may be to their own take on things , and usually retain a sense of humour whilst doing so.

  38. Shiny Object at |

    I don’t think the gown is of a smaller size. It’s the corset that’s giving that visual. I think she looks ok. Like someone else said, we have seen her in so many similar outfits that there are no wow moments with her anymore. While I appreciate her showcasing relatively unknown labels, she should stick to a few that really enhance her beauty. Always OTT dressing is boring.

  39. Tanvi at |

    The gown clearly not her size!

  40. Mia at |

    It’s truly surprising that her friends and family are not helping her to see how silly she looks. I thought she was close friends with fashionistas natasha poonawala and pernia qureshi.

  41. Food Poisoned Attorney at |

    Quite a risque gown she has on! She does look great though barring maybe the make-up.

  42. Surabhi at |

    Katy, very well written!

  43. Sarah at |

    Just to clarify as this place seems to be swimming with Sarah’s and sarah’s, I am not the Sarah ( capitals please note ..:-)) who has an issue with the mammary gland sightings that Ms Kapoor affords us. I am the one who made the Grammar Nazi comment. Just sayin’xx

    1. Avani at |

      Hahaha. Mammary glands. :D

  44. Avani at |

    At Sup : “..you can’t take a high moral ground saying your method is better than another..”. Bravo!

    1. Sarah at |

      So you have been released from the naughty corner Avani?!! ..??? welcome welcome

      1. Avani at |

        Always here. Just trying to stay away from some.. how to put it.. hmm.. lame self appointed halo’d beings. :P

  45. Sapphire at |

    You are right Katy. Such a good person you are. ‘Hate’ towards ‘hate’ only creates more ‘hate’ and divides people into groups. Giving love and spreading peace creates more love. Peace and tolerance are the real solutions to any problem and ‘love’ heals everything. I wish love spreads to each and everyone instead of grudge and love spreads to celebs from all instead of hate.
    The joy that is there in giving ‘love’, it is not there in ‘hating’. Hate is the last thing we need in this world right now.

    My love to all of you including P&P. :D

    1. Chec at |

      You mean, ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ as quoted by Robert De Niro.
      Ps:sorry couldn’t help it. True words though.

      1. Sapphire at |

        Thank you Chec. :)

        Don’t mind that I am correcting you, ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’ was originally quoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

        In this context to literally put it, it is ‘word’ for ‘word’. As we are not physically present here and just writing comments. :)

        1. Chec at |

          Ah guess my joke backfired. Robert De Niro was sonam’s answer on kwk.:p

          1. Sapphire at |

            Hahaha… oh is it? Sonam told Robert De Niro as the answer? I didn’t know this.:D
            One more reason to make jokes on Sonam.:P And we worship such du*b stars. SMH

  46. Aparna Janakiraman at |

    I dint even care to look at what Sonam was wearing, scrolled right down to the comments. I need help. :D

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