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  1. Archana Manohar at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look would be a cotton summer dress, my rayban and a pink lipbalm. Oops, let’s not forget the sunscreen!

  2. Dhwani at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look would be flowy, light and comfortable! Preferable cotton because cotton is the best fabric for Indian summers
    Big bright prints and flowy silhouettes with minimal accessories because who wants to be faffing around with jewellery in this sweaty Heat
    And a pair of reflective sunnies, scrappy sandals and light makeup with a bright lip- and you’re good to go!

  3. Dhwani at | | Reply

    reposting bcuz I messed up my email ID in the previous one. This is my actual ID (yahoo)
    The perfect summer look would be flowy light and comfortable! Preferably cotton because cotton is the best fabric for Indian summers
    Big bright prints and flowy silhouettes with minimal accessories because who wants to be faffing around with jewellery in this sweaty heat
    Add a pair of reflective sunnies, strappy sandals, light makeup with a bold lip and you’re good to go!

  4. Sam madala at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look:
    Its all abt breathable fabrics!! Cottons nd cottons!!
    Bring your old shorts,long skirts out!!florals,polka dots nd much more prints nd natural dyed once
    No pointed hells plz! Flip-flops!!
    Braids /pony/buns/updo’s try out all new ;D
    ( ps: i ill lyk dis one by my dads fb accnt nd check out surname ill match)

  5. sonal Romir at | | Reply

    Soft pastel colours in linen,bright lipsticks and open footwear will make for a perfect summer look!

  6. Mukta at | | Reply

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    My perfect summer look would be a printed maxi dress, hair pinned into a top bun, John Lennon glasses ,strapy sandals and a colorful tote. :-)

  7. Sam madala at | | Reply

    Liked in on fb!! ( through dads accnt though :l)

  8. Lemon at | | Reply

    My idea of a perfect summer look is hair tied up in a top knot ( so it doesn’t make your neck sweaty), an airy, cotton sleeveless top, loose-fit cotton pants maybe harem pants or drop crotch (sorry! but I’m a fan of these) and finally some comfortable thong sandals. The trick is not to look homeless or shabby while wearing so much shapeless clothing. ahem…I don’t always succeed.

  9. Deepshikha Maity at | | Reply

    Summer …aaah…colours and hues …chic and short!
    Floral and vibrance is what summer is all about and what we wear in this hot season should somehow radiate the hotness????

  10. Priyanka Mansotra at | | Reply

    For me the perfect summer look will be a great fit palazzo pants paired with a cute t shirt along with light but striking accessories.

  11. Juhi Dutta at | | Reply

    My summer look – Light to carry clothes in summery, earthy and soothing colors.
    Clothes must be airy as well , complete no no to jeans in summer , they get so stuffy and sweaty.

    Dress to be complete with a small crossover bag , sandals and sunscreen ( must ).

    The dresses presented here would make for a great summer look.

  12. keerthana at | | Reply

    Dress number 5 makes an amazing summer look.

  13. Meira at | | Reply

    A classy floral dress and oodles of attitude make for a perfect summer look. :)

  14. Sheetal Chordia at | | Reply

    Summer is the best season for dressing! A perfect summer look – colorful cotton shorts (peach/pink/green) and a white shirt and floral head scarf and pumps! A perfect summer look is also white knee length dress and a hat with slip-ons!

    Done – Liked on FB.

    P.S. Fingers crossed. Fav brand! :)

  15. Akhila Gona at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look would be an easy breezy maxi in a lovely summery colour with a hat finished with sunshades. Perfect to rock the summers.

  16. Aparna at | | Reply

    For me, a perfect summer look is a pair of khaki shorts paired with a white, cotton, floral top. Throw in a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a nice leather tan belt to go with the tan flats and you’re ready for a day out in the sun.

  17. kripa nayak at | | Reply

    Loose, light and flowy dresses make for a perfect summer look.

  18. Asmita Saluja at | | Reply

    Summers are all about comfort and cool styling
    For me a little Floral Printed dress in light but bright colors with minimal accessories n comfortabl flats will do great .A sleek belt matching to the color of footwear will add a chic flavour ;)
    I soo like dresses no.7 & 8
    It would be delight to hav these nicely designed cool but sexy dresses .

  19. Palsania at | | Reply

    For summers 1 shud go for cool dresses sp. In COTTON fabric :) like printed little dresses, striped T ‘s and contrast shorts, u can go for polka skirt with plain top!! Minimal accessory and soft updo or ponytail will make u look drop dead gorgeous n cool at the same time ;) :)
    All dresses are lovely !!but i like no. 1 and 5 most :)
    Stay hydrated n beautiful this summer !!

  20. Sailaja R at | | Reply

    The dress in picture 8 makes a perfect summer wear for its simple white cool look and a fresh breath of air. “Done”

  21. Swati Sapna at | | Reply

    My perfect summer look is all about cottons that let your skin breathe, bright pops of colour, and long, flowy silhouettes.
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  22. Shimna M at | | Reply

    For the Perfect Summer look – I prefer a shiftdress, with flipflops and a matching hat with minimal makeup and accesories

  23. Pooja at | | Reply

    A cool cotton dress, shades, and strappy sandals. :)

  24. Amrita at | | Reply

    – The perfect summer look is easy, colourful and still elegant!
    – Done

  25. Sana at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look combines the easy breezy florals and patterns to make it a fuss free look.
    A cute short/mid dress
    Wide legged pants with a nice framed top and a boho chic statement necklace
    An easy going motive tee with skinny jeans sandals and a summer scarf to wrap up the look :)

  26. monaliza Palai at | | Reply

    comfort and lightweight

  27. Urvi at | | Reply

    Minimal make up, breezy dress, a pair of glares, well hydrated skin and a great smile to beat the heat :-)

  28. Garima Wahal at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look should be about comfort combined with style. So loose printed pants, sleeveless tops, thong sandals, hair in a messy pony, and fresh but minimal make up!
    Fb page – Done.

  29. Smruti Das at | | Reply

    Perfect Summer Look – Aviators, cotton skirts and palazzos, cotton salwar-kurtas with statement dupattas, maxi dresses, and comfortable slip-on shoes!
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  30. Rashmi Upadhyaya at | | Reply

    Perfect summer look will have lot of happy colors – lot of pastels, lime, flowery patterns, peach and what not!
    Flowy dresses, cutout dresses/tops, noodle straps, shorts and baggy tops because it’s a lot about being comfortable and still looking chic.

  31. Nirupama at | | Reply

    Forgot whether I posted my last comment on not…so here it is again….To me the perfect summer dress is “easy-breezy” just like the ones that we have in 109 F

  32. vijaya at | | Reply

    No. 2and 7 are best
    in summers- go for COMFY FASHION
    Comfort is d new style
    With cool sunbathed shades of green

  33. Aditi at | | Reply

    A hat and over sized pair of sunglasses B-)

  34. Nupur at | | Reply

    Floral print maxi /Dress , A Hat , Sunglasses , coconut water or any fruit juice along with a flip flop ……………..and off course one selfie click is all it takes for a summer ……

  35. ankita mistry at | | Reply

    Umm…for perfect summer look I prefer easy breezy dresses paired wid a smart pair of gladiators, my polarized sunglasses wid lots of sunblock on face n body is must!..plus bright colored nails n lips(matching wid each other n contrasting wid the dress) voila!

    Thank u so much fr giving all of us a chance to share our idea n win such beautiful designs!! :)

  36. Manisha Tuli at | | Reply

    Hi, What makes a perfect summer look for me is something really comfortable, loose fit, light colored clothes. A sun screen,flip flops and colored aviators.

  37. Shreya at | | Reply

    Denim shorts & a white cotton tank top with thong sandals & sunglasses!

  38. Amina at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look should be cool and classy.

  39. Sujatha at | | Reply

    Breezy maxi with a hat and sandals. Done.

  40. Vidhi shah at | | Reply

    Prints like floral in bright colors is perfect for summer, printed summer dresses , cool breezy tops in colors like yellow, white , pinks , blues worn wid shorts, pants or skirts, sunglasses , flat footwear…all this is perfect for summer… Makeup shud b light and never forget sunblock

  41. saumya shukla at | | Reply

    comfortable clothes with more of wide legged denims and palazzos,crop tops,sheers,cotton.
    funky aviators and strappy sandals.

  42. Ritika at | | Reply

    1. no 3 dress for sure!
    2. done :)

    Thank you!

  43. Bella at | | Reply

    Light material with color and patterns. Liked

  44. Aarthy at | | Reply

    A pretty floral dress paired with flats or thong sandals. .

  45. Sirisha at | | Reply

    A perfect summer dress has to easy breezy and comfy. Preferably cotton!

  46. Dimple at | | Reply

    A great summer look has to be a fresh colorful easy breezy dress which is comfy at the same time which defines our style and current trend.

  47. Afshan Adlakha at | | Reply

    Liked them on FB:).
    What makes for a perfect summer look is something that is easy breezy and cool.
    Feminine and flirty and makes me feel awesome.
    A soft flowy dress…with strappy wedges
    From the dresses above…. no 8 makes the best summer look.

  48. Manasi Prasad at | | Reply

    Flowing fabrics, easy silhouettes and muted pastel shades make the perfect summer look!

  49. MG at | | Reply

    For a perfect summer look,i’ll wear bright dresses/floral dresses with a trendy hairstyle and chic accessories for the perfect look..and offcourse sometimes my white basic top with a bright lip colour will make my day
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  50. Sanya at | | Reply

    Summer is all about whites, blues and easy breezy silhouettes. Going easy with style and light on accessories makes the look more comfortable and ultimately fashion is what makes you comfortable.

  51. Ipsa Gupta at | | Reply

    A cool summer dress, with a casual sling , cute wedges and messy hair bun.

  52. Priyanka Dogra at | | Reply

    perfect summer look would be one with almost no makeup but a sunscreen is a must. a cool breezy dress in a pastel shade with comfortable flats. accessorizing this simple look with stack bracelets pr a great neck piece is a must.
    Also for the inside , plenty of water is an add on ;)

  53. bhavana hanchinamane at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look, for me, would be a breezy sleeveless dress or romper in pastel shades or blue like the ocean.

  54. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    A pair of retro sunnies on the face and a tall glass of nimbupani in the hand

  55. Swati at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look would be a white cotton maxi, colourful espadrilles, a tan sling, sunnies and fresh dewey makeup! Feminine chic :)

  56. ravita at | | Reply

    1) Perfect summer look comprises of –
    *Big Sunglasses
    *Floral Print in soothing colors
    *Flat sandals with coral lip color

    2) Liked

    Done :)

  57. Sumi Deka at | | Reply

    My idea of a Summer look would be a pair of distressed denim shorts in blue paired with a neutral colored scoop necked tee in look at me shades like fuschia , orange,lime or summery yellow. A pair of flip flops, aviator sunglasses , a chunky watch and a tote – bag would be my perfect way to finish off this look.

  58. Swati Soni at | | Reply

    A colorful, fit and flowy, floral printed linen dress; trendy sunglasses, braided hair and minimal accessories make for a perfect summer look………………

  59. Namrata at | | Reply

    Fresh dewy face, loose top knot or side braid, a breezy maxi dress or shorts with a tee, nice pop of colour on the lips and some sandals = Perfect Summer Look :)

  60. Avani at | | Reply

    1.A long cut out or regular peasant top with plaid cotton shorts .flip flops. some shades. and a high pigtail. :P
    2. Liked.

  61. kamar jahan at | | Reply

    breezy flowy silhouette which is a combination of style and comfort makes a perfect summer dress
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  62. Surabhi Suman at | | Reply

    This is my take on the Perfect Summer Look:

    –A classic A-line fluttery dress paired with strappy sandals, glossy coral lips and a short bob hairdo will make sure you turn heads this summer. Especially if the dress is in a lovely, pastel hue with lace/bows. Oh, and don’t forget to slather on sunblock, and carry those wide-framed sunglasses in your mini satchel bag. Done! :)

  63. Allu at | | Reply

    the 1st look

  64. shruti Saxena at | | Reply

    For a perfect summer look this season, I’d prefer culottes with a crop top or a culotte jumpsuit, like dress no 4; messy bun, perfect to beat the heat and looks amazing; flats – either belly or a nice sandal ; and a bagpack style bag.

    By the way, my size is M ;-)

  65. Aneela Vinnakota at | | Reply

    A cotton outfit + light non greasy makeup with a lipgloss(not to forget Spf 30 plus sunscreen lotion) +high ponytail or bun to avoid irritation from those flying hairs ( just like the look no. 5 & 8) :D.

  66. Poornta Srivastava at | | Reply

    A light coloured maxi dress with T strap sandals and earrings and a slingbag will make a perfect summer look.

  67. Poornta Srivastava at | | Reply

    A light coloured maxi dress with T strap sandals , earrings and a slingbag will make a perfect summer look.

  68. SC at | | Reply

    There’s so many ways to go about this but at the moment I think – a simple white tank top, faded jeans, a silk scarf tied around the neck and sunglasses. Scarves make the most basic outfit chic!

  69. Sanjana Samuel at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look would be something bright, light, easy and breezy. A maxi dress in a pastel shade with a bright head wrap to compliment the look and some sandals. A sling bag to hold all the essentials and some chunky oxidized rings and metallic tattoos to give the look a boho feel.

  70. Ashita at | | Reply

    My ideal summer look- Crop Top + Denim Shorts + Stack of Bangles + Thong Sandals + Nude Make-up + Top-Knot Bun + Aviators + Sunscreen – and you’re good to go!!

  71. chetna goyal at | | Reply

    My perfect summer look would be a bright floral maxi dress , flats, a satchel accompanied by my favorite sunniest and a messy side braid. :)

  72. Riima at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look should be cool, breezy, flowy, light material, plazzos and dresses.

  73. gitika bajaj at | | Reply

    A cool attitude paired with light colors makes for a perfect summer dress.

  74. Kamal Marwaha at | | Reply

    the prefect summer look for me will be a tropical print maxi in lightweight fabric with strappy sandals.

    Liked on FB by same mail id user name kamal marwaha

  75. Tarika Singh at | | Reply

    Liked the page :) . Clean and simple, those are my mantras for my perfect summer look. Clean cuts, simple styling… this translates to make up & accessories too.

  76. preksha at | | Reply

    1. sexy white dresses with cut out sides, big round sunglasses, colorful clutch and black pumps!
    2. liked

  77. Radhika Sriram at | | Reply

    To me, the perfect idea of a summer look is something that is light, breezy and very comfortable. My ideal go to look for the summers is a long flowing colorful maxi top with slits on the slide, a pair of hot pants, comfy thong slippers, a nice hat and a perfect pair of reflective sunnies.

  78. Ankita agarwal at | | Reply

    For me perfect summer look is cool, comfortable nd light outfit.. preferably coloured jeans nd trendy top.. wid high pony tail.. flats… sling bag.. nd sunglasses…
    with all this on m gud to go…:)
    liked 109F page on facebook…

  79. Mridusmita Roy at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look is all about comfort,floral prints,youth and extra glow.To start off,wear a billowy floral printed blouse with white denim shorts,with a pair of neutral thong sandals,fringed handbags,and accessorize it with a floral headband or a nice straw hat and also a pair of sunglasses to complete the look.Makeup should be minimal but fun.Pink lips,colored eyeliners and bronzers should be included to have that fresh,fun and warm summer look. Include colors like pink,corals and orange and their various shades.

  80. Anupriya at | | Reply

    Summers are all about feeling comfortable and confident despite the high temperatures. It’s all about cool stylish dressup which won’t make you feel hot. Soft flow-y dresses, palazzos and maxis are my preferred smart summer dressup. Teamed with nice thing sandals and a pair of sunnies I’m ready to rock summers! Ps I stay away from denims like crazy!

  81. kusum at | | Reply

    Colorful, comfortable yet chic appeal makes for a perfect Summer look :)

    Liked the fb page too :)

  82. Monika at | | Reply

    what makes for a perfect Summer look?

    Hydrated Fresh blemish free skin; a great haircut & shiny bouncy hair; fresh dewy makeup; lovely painted nails; & summery dresses in light colors

  83. Ketaki at | | Reply

    A summer look should be three things, comfortable, chic and pastel!

  84. Poornta Srivastava at | | Reply

    A pastel shade maxi dress with T strap flats, studded earrings and a slingbag of similar colour as the flats and minimum makeup will make a perfect summer look.

  85. amruta sonpatki at | | Reply

    One and only 109f floral print summer dress to look cool on hot hot day

  86. vineela at | | Reply


  87. vineela at | | Reply

    5 is perfect for summers

  88. prabha at | | Reply

    Short Dresses in soothing colors with coral lipstick & flat sandals make for a perfect summer look.

    Liked fb page

  89. Priya Dhawan at | | Reply

    In my opinion , summer brings excitement and happiness. Hence , the clothes one wears during summer should also bring excitement . The clothes should be light colored , short and flirtatious . They should attract everyone and therefore should be really sexy!
    Not only this , flip flops, sling bags , sunglasses and accessories should also be used to make a perfect summer Look!
    All these dresses are really awesome and they will surely make a perfect summer look.
    Thanks to your website – Priyanka & Payal and 109 F For the giveaway . I hope to win this one.
    DONE ( Liked the page)

  90. Hunar at | | Reply

    For a perfect summer look , trendy and light colored clothes are the best! One can also wear funky accessories – they double the excitement on this season :) Footwear Like – flip flops , plastic slippers can be worn for comfort.
    DONE ( Liked the Facebook page)

  91. Prachi at | | Reply

    Trendy clothes , light jewelery , comfortable footwear and colorful accessories should be worn for a perfect summer look. One should also use colorful nail paints to look even more attractive .
    The dresses featured in this giveaway are also perfect for the upcoming summers. I would love to win them :) Thanks .
    DONE – I have liked the page on facebook

  92. Innayat Malhotra at | | Reply

    One should always be wearing light colored clothes during summer as it gives a cool effect in the observer’s eye and also makes one look attractive . we should also use some light and funky accessories to look more gorgeous. The look should be finally completed by wearing slippers and applying nail paint :D
    Done – Liked the page.

  93. Sandhya at | | Reply

    Mango is the king fruit of summer. So what about pairing the summer season with the mango?
    A light mango colored dress , coral accessories and funky slippers will make a perfect look for summer. Applying nail art to our hand will even make one look better . All the dresses featured in this giveaway are perfect to wear in summer. Thank you for this givaway- I hope to win .
    Liked the page as well .

  94. Usha at | | Reply

    Light colored clothes , cute sling bags , sun glasses , funky slippers , cool jewelery will make a perfect summer look . Wearing dresses and shorts make a person look even more attractive in summer . They should be nicely paired with accessories.

  95. Mona malhotra at | | Reply

    Wearing dresses and shorts along with good accessories make a person look even more attractive and gorgeous in summer . I even think sling bags and sun glasses define a perfect summer look . Mainly, during summer days , one should wear light and comfortable outfit.

  96. vineela at | | Reply

    it is better to wear light coloured clothes with simple accessories in summers. dresses are perfect choice. they keep things easy to manage.


  97. Mrudula Raju at | | Reply

    dress no. 3+flip flops+aviators+hair tied in a bun. Bam! you are ready.. and sunscreen for my skin too.

  98. kk at | | Reply

    Liked FB page..A perfect summer look is an easy breezy sundress :)

  99. kavi at | | Reply

    1. Casual cotton clothes and flats 2. Done

  100. nits at | | Reply

    short jumpsuit, wedges, sunglasses, go-girly bag !

  101. Devangi Chopra at | | Reply

    The Perfect Summer Outfit Essentials Are:
    1. A Cute Summery Dress, Preferably Short With A Floral Print Or Any Pastel Colours.
    2. If Not A Dress Then A Cute Croptop With Shorts.
    3. A Pair Of High Wedges, Stilettos Or Maybe The Gladiator Shoes Or Simple Flip-Flops.
    4. A Pair Of Sunglasses, Maybe Aviators.
    5. A Tote Bag Or Maybe A Simple Sling.
    6. For Accessories I Would Say Some Simple Hoops Or Feather Earrings.
    7. A Few Bracelets Or A Watch.
    8. Hair Tied With A Cute Little Bow Would Be The Perfect Hairstyle Too.
    9. Oh! And Let’s Not Forget The Sunscreen :D
    10. And Don’t Forget Your Summer Spirit <3

    Done Liking The Facebook Page As Well :D Hope I Win ^-^

  102. milonee at | | Reply

    perfect Summer look- Ripped white jeans, a blue button-down, a baseball cap, and a pair of ankle-strap sandals is a foolproof casual summer outfit. Best part? It’s pretty hard to screw up.

  103. sanchi at | | Reply

    according to me , the Master cool girl bohemian style combining a crochet skirt, espadrilles, and an oversized t-shirt makes a perfect summer look

  104. ami at | | Reply

    Since I am not into baring my midriff, I would opt for a floral romper instead of a matching set. The print is still killer with sneakers and a faded denim jacket for a perfect summer look

  105. karishma at | | Reply

    A breezy tunic for days under the sun.
    Peekaboo shorts and
    a striped cardigan which add interest while keeping the outfit blessedly airy and breathable.
    “perfect summer look”

  106. rusha at | | Reply

    Distressed cutoffs are at their coolest for me with a Western belt, loose V-neck tee, and wide-brim hat.
    I would add layered necklaces and statement sunnies with this street style perfect summer look

  107. sonal at | | Reply

    For a perfect summer look , I prefer roomy satin shorts, a relaxed tee, and crisp lace-ups. A bandana scarf makes the look a bit edgier.

  108. kushi at | | Reply

    When comfort is key, I tuck a varsity graphic tee into high-waisted shorts, and slip on colorful bracelets and shades for a perfect summer look.

  109. Dr.Pooja Kaushik Chopra at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look would be a combination of a pretty white sleeveless dress with a floral shrug..teamed with a statement neckpiece, hoops and nude flip-flops. Not to forget a high pony-tail secured with a scarf Carry it with a smile and beat the heat!!!

  110. dhruvi at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look would be like a bohemian goddess and with a maxi dress and a sexy slit perfect for when the summer wind blows.

  111. saroj at | | Reply

    A graphic tee with tropical print and pink laced shorts definitely make a sweet but trendy summer look with an orange bandana according to me.

  112. miloni at | | Reply

    I would name my perfect summer look as ” Sunny Side Up”-
    Sporting a breezy, laid back dress and staying fashionably chic despite this season’s humid weather. Giving the casual look a stylish pop by matching neutrals with a bright colored tote.

  113. Priyanka Kannoujia at | | Reply

    109°f Maxi dress with flats and floral scarf

  114. devanshi at | | Reply

    PERFECT SUMMER LOOK- Whether you’re going to a lunch meeting or just hanging out with the girls, one could instantly look classy and polished in a crisp white blouse, denim jeans, and nude pumps. Giving a hint of elegance to the outfit by tying a neatly folded scarf across the collars of the top.

  115. Sue at | | Reply

    A perfect summer look is made of natural fibres, airy silhouettes, crisp detailing and pretty prints. See looks 5 and 8 for examples. :)

  116. richa at | | Reply

    Summer to me is: light colors, pastels, cotton, loose comfy clothes. One of My favorites in my wardrobe for summer is: strapy cotton (blue n white)midi dress, paired with white colored flats. And i dont forget sun protecting lotion in my bag. :D

  117. rekha at | | Reply

    jumpsuit , a satchel, a high pony, sneakers and a hat with bb cream is the perfect summer look for me

  118. puppy s at | | Reply

    a pair of distressed jeans, a loose white top and a blazer. Carrying essentials and add a touch of flare to the ensemble with a blazing yellow purse.

  119. palak kohna at | | Reply

    Every Girl’s summer adventure is never complete without shopping for the ultimate summer wardrobe. I would take a trip down to my favorite mall with the girls, in a bold printed dress and a pair of peep toe wedge with simple and minimal bangles.

  120. kiran v at | | Reply

    Nothing screams summer more than a chic swimwear and a trendy cover up. The vibrant prints and colors of this ensemble are perfect for the fun summer vibe.

  121. paneeshti at | | Reply

    Perfect Summer Look-
    While the rising temps making it tempting to just toss on a tank top and go, vowing to beat the heat in style and making this our chicest season yet. Armed with denim dresses, crop tops, and cool-girl shades, this look could safely inspire us even on the stickiest of Summer days. It’s a lesson in cool-girl styling, finding footwear that’s as functional as it is fashionable, and remembering the power of great accessories.

  122. mamta at | | Reply

    this is the summer perfect look uniform — a perfect styling strategy that employs plaid, leather, the pencil skirt, and killer footwear.

  123. sonal at | | Reply

    a perfect summer look – a fit and flare pastel coloured knee length dress, cool shades, open toed footwear, colourful hobo bag , matching bracelet , light make up with pink lipgloss

  124. sangita at | | Reply

    This is what classic Summer style looks like – an easy t-shirt dress, great bag, and pair of bright espadrilles.

  125. suman at | | Reply

    Floral & very small colored checks on white base dress.


  126. Roshni Devi at | | Reply

    1. A polka dotted summer tea dress, Lolita-esque come-hither sunglasses, bright lips, feet facing a lake or some cool water body and a good ol’ retro straw hat. Ahhh, bliss
    2. Done

  127. Hiral Patel at | | Reply

    Printed maxi, natural make-up, sexy lip balm, minimum jewelry & comfy flip flop – that’s my definition of perfect summer look.. :)

  128. Jyostana Kirti at | | Reply

    Love shorts & linen tops in this hot summer.

  129. Rachel H at | | Reply

    Liked on FB!! Perfect summer look for me is something light and comfy!

    Fingers crossed!
    -Rachel H

  130. khushboo at | | Reply

    The perfect summer look for me is a flowy maxi, thing sandals (preferably tan), flower in my hair, and flowery perfume…
    Liked on Facebook!

  131. Richa at | | Reply

    Denim shorts with a white baggy top along with coral lips <3

  132. Sonal Dogra at | | Reply

    *the perfect summer look has got to be neat ,crisp,cool ,easy ,comfortable and yet a head turner!!

  133. ruchi at | | Reply

    Little white dress with flat sandals.

  134. Kadambari Satpute at | | Reply

    Crisp white cotton dresses, beach hats, dewy makepup and oversized shades.

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